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Bike Directions on Now on Google Maps Mobile

May 16, 2010

Word on Treehugger is that Google maps now gives bike directions on your mobile phone…if your mobile phone is an Android.

Brooklyn biking

What with Google and Apple’s business friendship on the rocks, there’s no word yet if or when us IPhone people will be able to navigate our bikes through the city jungle from our phones, so in the meanwhile, befriend that one guy who really believes that Google’s phone is better. Or stop and ask another biker.


Vertical Gardening Is Museum-Worthy

May 13, 2010

Can’t believe I missed this rad show in SF.  Inhabitat says it started out at Exit Art.

Give your Juice Box a Second Life at Port Authority

May 2, 2010
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There’s no info on the Terracycle site, but word is you can bring your goods for upcycling to Port Authority through May 22.

Terracycle does stuff like take all those empty Capri Suns you’ve been stashing under your mattress to save for that last, unerachable sip, and turn them into backpacks. So rad that the arbiter of all things that should be mainstream, Walmart, has bought in and is selling Terracycle goods. Check it!

Port Authority North Terminal

Eighth Ave at 41st St; 2

Tue–Sun 11am–7pm, free; through May 22

Nouveau Solar on the White House

May 2, 2010
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So back in the day for a minute, during that energy crisis where everyone had to line up for gas, Carter put some solar panels on the White House.

Then came the gogo 80’s and Reagan took them right back off. Solar on the White House thinks Obama’s the right guy to reintroduce solar energy to the White House. What with an organic garden on the Lawn and other green initiatives both in the home and in our country, maybe they’re right.

Check out their energy audit of the White House and get your own at

Oh Earth Day – Things to Do this Week

April 14, 2010
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So Earth Day is taking on the good ole American ramp up to the holiday itself, with events and goodies peppering the middle weeks of April to get us to the grand 4/22. You can find a ton of stuff on the Official Earth Day site, but here are some of my faves:

Earth Day Gang Signs

I am going to roll up in my hood, where blue bandanas tied on street signs mark territory, and throw those Crips my Earth Day gang sign, just like Adrien Grenier.

Free Planet Earth Episode

BBC is hooking you up with a free HD episode of Planet Earth on ITunes.


Tonight there’s a kitten-themed Frisky-sponsored recycling par-tay from 6 to 9 at 201 Mulberry btwn Spring & Kenmare

RSVP to (Get it? Can? Cat Food? Aluminum? Recyc.ling?)

New BK Bridge Park Too Polished For Its Own Good

April 5, 2010
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The new Brooklyn Bridge Park at Pier 1 opened this weekend, with further expansion planned through Piers 2-6 (see the park coalition’s map for future plans).

I went down in search of some sun and a nap in the grass, only to find the perfectly groomed lawn shut to visitors. Stark clean modern lines in the benches and fences appeal to the eye if you’re looking over the BQE from Columbia St above, and the Manhattan skyline rises neatly out of the water, but to me it felt pretty unwelcoming. A “lawns closed” sign does bode well, in that lawns will hopefully be open, but I ended up heading down to the less polished but more comfortable lawns of the Empire Fulton Ferry Park by DUMBO.

I can’t talk too much trash though since the park is innovating on sustainability in a bunch of cool ways, from incorporating green roofs to reusing salvaged materials from other building sites.

Solar Powered Trash in NYC

April 3, 2010
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NYC Sanitation Department considering solar-powered trash compactors, via NYPost.