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Seats and Bites

September 2, 2008

The good news: We cherrypicked a fabulous street find – two beautiful but weathered wooden outdoorchairs that invite you to sit back and relax.

Melissa, one of my librarian roomies, and I picked them up off of Washington Ave, discarded the pillows, and sorted out how to squeeze the huge chairs, one a at a time, into my trunk with elbow grease and twine.  Now we can breakfast in the garden and watch our recent transplants take root and grow. If only the mosquitoes would cooperate too…

The bad news: SOMEONE chewed through the stalk of one of our 6 foot lilies. A squirrel? A manbeast?  Bunnicula?

Everyones favorite vampire

Everyone's favorite vampire

It was heartbreaking – the tall, healthy stalk bent over double like a lanky man being ill. I cut it below the bitten area and put the stalk in some water, hoping to at least get a week or so of beauty out of the flowerless plant. I also surrounded the base of the surviving lily with pointy rocks and sprinkled cayenne there too. Will this deter the neighborhood savages? Keep your fingers crossed…

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