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Time Flies

November 15, 2008

Change is  afoot.

Fall arrived, and soon it will be winter.

The leaves on the trees that hover over our backyard are still in the process of turning and falling.

We have a new president, we’re getting a new roommate.

The hostas are dying down into hibernation, a few pink leaves are appearing on our mystery Japanesey plants, the impatiens are still finding some bloom in them.

The coral bells look jubilant, next to a bored hydrangea.

I bought a few decorative cabbages at Fairway that have been waiting patiently on my steps for me to figure out what to do with them.

Bulbs have been tucked into the soil, and we hope our rambunctious squirrels leave them be in favor of the white bread one of our neighbors places on his window sill for them (gross).

Otherwise, gardening has been barely a pasttime – occasional mulching, random planting, plenty of watching as our dirt patch gets littered with yellow. In between the demands of work, school, and extracurricular activities (mostly getting drinks, a few roadtrips, and lots of working to get Obama in the White House), gardening – and this blog – has found itself on the backburner. We hope to get ready for winter, and then be as dormant as those browning hostas till spring….

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