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First Spring Dig

March 24, 2009

Aah, spring. The 20 degree mornings, the blowing winds, the threat of it never being warm again.

In spite of this, my roommate Christine and I hit the garden hardcore this Saturday, digging  a whole new bed. Digging up  soil

This was NOT the glass we found in our garden.

that probably hasn’t been turned in years has its own special rewards – we found a ton of glass in our garden-to-be, and I’m not talking Chihuly. We also found other mysterious items – I want to post them as a picture so stay tuned. Suffice it to say that last year, we found a rake completely submerged in the earth, lots of marbles, a large unidentified bone, a part from an old-fashioned iron.

We basically dug trenches, added mulch, and filled them back up. The soil looked good – you could  squeeze and it crumbled a little with out getting compressed.

Anyways we totally crush on Michelle Obama’s gardening mojo and plan to plant lots of vegetables for maximum self-sufficiency if/when it all hits the fan. We got green beans (2 kinds), carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, beets, chives, lettuce, and then some flowers for  prettiness and to fill up our less-than-sunny zones.

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