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Can You Dig It – Dirt, Mulch, Dirt, Mulch

March 30, 2009

This weekend we dug some more, emptying another bed of soil a shovel deep, covering the bottom with mulch to add nutrients and air, and piling all the soil back on. We are politely digging around last year’s beds, waiting for our lost hostas to reappear before transplanting them to another corner of the yard.

The Dark Side of the YardThe Yard

We found marbles, more glass, brick painted yellow and blue, strange plastic squares, electric wire.

Kwangho Lees amazing electric wire woven lamp

Kwangho Lee's amazing electric wire woven lamp

Then we replaced it all with beets, carrots, lettuce, chives and ornamental grasses from SEED. It takes concentration to make 1/4 inch divets in the freshly turned soil and drop the tiny lettuce and carrot seeds in. The beet seeds, on the other hand, look like rocky little  sea shells, and are  easy to drop in their 1-inch holes.

These seeds are actually small fruits with a cluster of seeds in them – the seeds will germinat in clusters as well, and we’ll have to separate them out.  We’ll be sustenance farming in no time!

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