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Spreading the Seed – 3 New Ways to Share

March 31, 2009

Just came across three new ways to share seeds, vegetables and ideas.

1. Brooklyn Brownstone Garden District is chockfull of fabulous gardeny events. On Earth Day weekend (that’s April 18-19) they’ll be at Habana Outpost in Fort Greene teaching folks how to make seed bombs, and in May they’ll be at Fort Greene Park hosting a cuttings exchange.

2. Veggie Trader is an online trading market where you can swap fruits and vegetables you grow, or I guess also get from a CSA or whatever other way that you would get excess fruits or vegetables, for ones you want – free food forever! It’s just two weeks old, and so far no one within even 100 miles of Brooklyn has posted, but it looks like it could be promising once growing season really starts up here in the tundra.

3. is a social networking site for gardeners and foodies – I think they are also pretty new. I just joined and convinced a few other Brooklyners to join as well, so still sorting out how to use it. So far this is my profile. Added bonus: if you type in homegrown dot com, it’s an amateur porn site. Teehee!

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