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9th Street Community Garden

April 21, 2009


OK, I’ve always loved community gardens, but have always found myself too busy, distracted, or multitasking, to commit to a garden. Until now, when it’s attached to my living space and the need to fill it with greenery is obvious.

But I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in 9th Street Community Garden last gorgeous Saturday, sipping coffee from 9th Street Espresso in Manhattan and enjoying the sun after a bike ride from BK.

It looked like they were wrapping up a meeting (apple juice and cookies provided) so I asked one of the women there what was the story behind their garden.

First of all this is no regular garden. It has a MySpace page. Rad.

It has also been around for over 30 years, gently tended by people from the Alphabet City community since the 1970s, when that area was more known for Nuyorican pride than for brunch spots and bars.

To join, you have to help out in the communal area of the community garden and demonstrate real commitment. Then, the other community gardeners determine if you are a good fit and will be committed to maintaining a plot, at which point they can allocate you a plot.

The woman I spoke with has been a member for three years.

Here are some pics:



Also – is this a SQUIRREL TRAP?


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