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Happy Birthday Earth Day

April 23, 2009
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Green Roofs Save Energy by Deborah Adams Doering

On Earth Day’s big 3-9, there’s still a lot of work to do. The consequences of our actions for the future of the globe have become painfully clear. But even with all the Al Gores and Thomas Friedmans in the world raising a stink, there’s still so much to do. And I will be the first to admit I’m an environmentalist within the parameters of convenience – recycling and reusing, yes; converting my car (yes, car in the city, case in point) to run on vegetable oils, no. Biking to work, yes; biking to work in the pouring rain, no.

But the important thing as an individual is to continue to strive and try, because all of our actions as individuals are absolutely key in making a long-term difference.

Posting links I like for Earth Day – resounding yes.


  • Use less ink, fill less landfill, feel less guilty about something you didn’t even think about until you heard about the ecofont. Each letter has ink-free little holes in it, so when you print your novel you’ll be using 20%less ink. Download for free.
  • Calculate your recycling with this widget from Planet green.


So we’re all off the CD diet and hopefully, maybe, possibly, having a positive environmental impact by sticking to mp3’s and other digital formats. Stream these in green…

  • Listen to Majora Carter, South Bronx enviro- and green jobs activist, on her radio show and podcast, The Promised Land, where she interview visionary environmental activists like Robert Redford (hawt). Subscribe to podcast.


Travel by bike or train to check out the following spots…

  • Edible Wall – Launched last week, organization Urban Farming set up this vertical garden of tomatoes on the side of the Brotherhood-SisterSol After School Program in Harlem.
512 West 143rd Street New York NY 10031
New York, NY 10031

  • Rachel Carson, the proto-environmental activist, will get recognized on The Extra Mile, a Hollywood-stars-type sidewalk with embedded plaques honoring amazing people who have contributed to the betterment of the world.

The Extra Mile begins at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 15th Street, NW and continues north on 15th Street to G Street, NW. There, at the Old Ebbitt Grill, it turns east on G Street for two blocks to its intersection with 13th Street. As honoree medallions are added in future years, the Pathway will be continued on G Street.


Earth Day is always an occasion for advice on living greener. Here are some good ones…

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