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Memorial Day Weekend To Do #6: Making a Rock Path

May 25, 2009

This weekend one of the tasks I set was to make a rock path in our garden.

I used bags of rocks from Home Depot, about $4 for 25 pounds, along with rocks that we’d collected from the garden as we dug up beds, raked soil, and uncovered the backyard. I enlisted my boyfriend Gabe to come help make the path.

First, we dug up the bricks that had served as an ad hoc path for the last year.


Then I set up strings, like plum lines, to demarcate the edge of the path. It went straight from our stairs and then curved where there was a tree root, along the edge of the root.


We dug an inch or two into the demarcated area to sink the path a little bit, then raked the dirt to make it even.


Then we cut weed prevention fabric to lay under the path. The one I went with was made of Ingeo, a manmade fabric based on renewable resources.

We covered the fabric with a thin layer of dirt to lay the stones in, and then placed the brick stepping stones on the path. This may or may not have been a good idea – part of the goal of the fabric is also to prevent the path from getting muddy, so we’ll see what happens after the next rain.

Finally we poured the rocks over the path, and stomped on the rocks a little to try to embed them in the dirt and make the path compact.


Unfortunately, we ran out of rocks! So we got about 4/5 of the way done, and have to make a Home Depot run for some more.

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