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Making NYC Green – The Evolver Town Hall

May 31, 2009
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Bicycle-blended mint lemonade, at Evolver Townhall

Entrepreneurs, activists, agriculturalists, Hare Krishnas, vegans, bike advocates, gardeners, architects, City funders – all for $5 and a glass of bicycle-made lemonade on top.

Evolver, a new website/social network that encourages new thinking about sustainable living, hosted this gathering of minds at the St. Marks Church on Sunday.

In  the church’s yard, about 30 vendors hawked their wares – everything from free urban gardening classes to biodegradable party goods, from notebooks made with Metro cards to vegan cookies to rooftop gardening consultations – and of course, the requisite 10-min massage chair (with Ayervedic oils!)

Inside the church, No Impact Man offered a great keynote on living sustainably in the city, with reminders that “all 10,000 straws that were on the camel’s back are just as important, weigh just as much, as the last one.” Then, panel sessions were set up on everything from taking advantage of NYC’s green tax credits to becoming one with the universe.

The event was interesting in that, although there was a faint tinge of New Age, there  was a good balance of practical, solution-oriented approaches, spiritual be-one-with-the-

Solar-powered fountain-in-a-bucket, at Evolver Townhall

Solar-powered fountain-in-a-bucket, at Evolver Townhall

universe approaches, and radical, whole-systems change approaches cohabited fairly happily. No Impact Man, with his keynote that fluidly examined teachings of his Zen master, hard numbers, and who changed the cloth diapers in his household.

I was happy to skip out on the gardening pests free workshop I was planning to attend to soak up a more global vibe. And, I hit the  motherlodes of green events – check out the calendars at Green Edge Collaborative and Just Food and you won’t have a spare minute left.

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