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The White House Keeps It In the Family

June 25, 2009

No more jetting off to New York for fancy-schmancy food scraps, the Obamas are keeping it local. They’re installing compost bins for their own White House kitchen fancy-schmancy food scraps. Let’s hope they start another trend with this one!

Drawing by Cecelia Macaulay, who has her own rad gardening blog at

Drawing by Cecelia Macaulay, who has her own rad gardening blog at Cilck image for composting tips!

According to Ecorazzi:

The latest dirt is that the White House kitchen is getting ready to contribute to next year’s garden by installing three compost bins on site. The South Lawn veggie plot has done so well this year (resulting in ridiculous conspiracy theories) thanks to the soil used in the beds. U.S. News says that one of the secret ingredients was a shipment of compost from New York celebrity chef Dan Barber.

Obviously, having compost trucked in every spring isn’t the most efficient method of fertilizing a garden, so it’s great to see the White House taking the necessary steps to make it locally. This is yet another positive green move that Americans can find inspiration in to try at home. Organic matter accounts for almost 30% of household trash — and it’s a waste to throw it into the landfill. According to Sierra Club Green Home, of the 31 million tons of food waste Americans throw away each year, only 3% is recycled!

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