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Pimp Your Yard: bkfarmyards Sweeps the Dailies

August 21, 2009

One of my new fave organizations, bkfarmyards, is getting big props this month.

BKFarmyards Stacey Murphy, Courtesy Daily News

bkfarmyard's Stacey Murphy, Courtesy Daily News

Not only are they having a rad fundraiser tomorrow (more soon) that got boosted in DailyCandy‘s weekend update email, the Daily News interviewed founder Stacey Murphy and some of the people who have benefited from having their yards turned into small farms for an article in today’s paper.

Here’s the basics, from Daily News:

“I think there’s a gap in the food system,” Murphy said on Thursday. “There’s available land that’s underutilized, and people who want to use that land.”

Murphy, a former architect who grew up gardening in suburban Detroit, talked up her new business at the Cortelyou Road Farmers’ Market this spring and was hired by two homeowners in Ditmas Park.

“Growing vegetables is something we wanted to do, but we didn’t have the time, energy or knowledge,” said Adrienne Fisher, 50.

Her weed-ridden 600-square-foot yard was transformed by Murphy and her staff, who planted 33 types of vegetables and herbs — some 8,000 plants.

Fisher pays for a quarter of the farm’s costs and gets a quarter of the yield — which should be about 250 pounds of veggies this season and some strawberries next season.

Startup costs were $900 — for soil, an irrigation system, and labor. And Fisher, who lives with her husband and three children, won’t have to pay those next year.

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  1. obfarmlander permalink
    August 22, 2009 12:31 am

    Yes, there is a gap in the food system!

    Fruitful gardening,

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