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An All Day Buffet with Slow Food and Charity:Water

October 3, 2009

All Day Buffet hosted a conference yesterday called The Feast at the Times Center, bringing together do-goody types from across sectors and fields to share ideas and stories.

I got there  just in time for lunch (Sustainable Party provided the banana leaf plates) ,and the afternoon panels. Joshua Viertel is the amicable and gifted president of Slow Food USA, who shared his own path towards foodie-ism (through stints herding, baking and fishing for a living) and the unique position his organization is in now, as for the first time the young slow food, pro-food movement finds itself with a sympathetic administration. He left us with a powerful call to action when he told us that Obama stated he was willing to act on affecting change in our agricultural and food systems – if he saw a grassroots social movement supporting it. “Our duties  as citizens have expanded,” he said, and I know I walked away thinking that demonstrating support for the causes I believe in  is more important than ever.

Charity:Water folks came on to share their work on raising awareness, raising funds, and changing the game in terms of bringing clean drinking water to communities where women typically spend three hours a day walking to water wells and waiting in line to get as much water as they can carry.  When they return to their homes, Becky Straw said, they must decide what to do with their  water – laundry, bathing, cooking, or drinking – all needs that compete for for  the two precious jugs they could carry back from the well.

After party brought us all to Green Spaces, the eco rent-a-desk enterprise for enviro startups. I must admit I loved the 44 North vodka – real Idaho potatoes.

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