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Blog Action Day for Climate Change

October 15, 2009

Thursday the 15th is Blog Action Day for Climate Change.

Bloggers across the world are dedicating their blog posts to talking about climate change.

It’s a big deal – almost 8,000 blogs are registered and they reach more than 11,000,000 people. Even TMZ is pitching in.

If even half of these blog’s readers make a choice to make a change, the impact would be phenomenal.

There are a lot of people making the argument that changing our consumer choices isn’t enough, that choosing to buy recycled or to buy local or to buy green is not the paradigm shift necessary to make the changes we need.

But the pragmatic truth is, most people are only willing to make the changes that are accessible to them. The trials and tribulations of the likes of No Impact Man, who spent a year living at zero environmental impact, inspire people to see what they can sacrifice and how they can alter their lifestyle choices, but also serve to demonstrate what most of us aren’t willing to give up to get to that zero impact. By choosing to consume wisely and by choosing to consume less, we do reduce our impact. And if the we is the 11,000,000 readers and writers of blogs on Blog Action Day, then our choices can and will contribute to the ongoing battle towards a liveable future.

There are so many great sites that tell you ways that you can affect climate change, like An Inconvenient Truth’s site, No Impact Man himself, and countless others. Everything from giving up beef to giving up your car, from switching to CFLs to switching to pedal power adds a raindrop to the bucket.

And if you’re moved to go beyond shifting some of your daily decisions, then you can commit more.

On October 24th, 350 is having a Day of Action for Climate Change. Check out their site to learn why the number 350 is important and what you can do to help get to  350.

You can join local  communities too, like the org I volunteer for, Green Edge Collaborative, where we present new ideas and get eco-minded folks together to share their stories.

I hope you make your own action for Blog Action Day, even if it’s just turning off the tv or the computer. After you read this blog!


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