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Whole Foods Gotta Brand New Bag

April 2, 2010

Looks like Whole Foods, king of the non-plastic (unless it’s made of recycled bottles) bag, has shifted to paper bags with string handles – sturdier for sure. Home of the Feed 100 bag, the Sheryl Crow designed paper bag, and the famous move to eliminate plastic bags, Whole Foods has been instrumental in changing how people in the US view disposable grocery bags.

Still, even with Whole Foods’ 10 cent bag discount, Americans aren’t as well-trained to view these throw-aways as a luxury vs. a right. In the Netherlands, by contrast, you have to BYOB or pay 50 cents for even a plastic bag. The difference between getting a little discount and between having to pay for a bag is the difference between people viewing bringing bags as something that helps out a little and between feeling the burn every time they shop.

Whether  this new bag has any environmental improvements, I can’t find any info on, but it does feel sturdier – I navigated what felt like a quarter ton of pet food home through NY subways in it without that familiar ripping sound if you happen to take a turn too fast.

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