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New BK Bridge Park Too Polished For Its Own Good

April 5, 2010
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The new Brooklyn Bridge Park at Pier 1 opened this weekend, with further expansion planned through Piers 2-6 (see the park coalition’s map for future plans).

I went down in search of some sun and a nap in the grass, only to find the perfectly groomed lawn shut to visitors. Stark clean modern lines in the benches and fences appeal to the eye if you’re looking over the BQE from Columbia St above, and the Manhattan skyline rises neatly out of the water, but to me it felt pretty unwelcoming. A “lawns closed” sign does bode well, in that lawns will hopefully be open, but I ended up heading down to the less polished but more comfortable lawns of the Empire Fulton Ferry Park by DUMBO.

I can’t talk too much trash though since the park is innovating on sustainability in a bunch of cool ways, from incorporating green roofs to reusing salvaged materials from other building sites.


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